Thurs  |  Oct. 25

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Welcome Remarks: Doug Newcomb, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobility, Wards Intelligence

Panel Discussion: The Connected Future of In-Car Infotainment

Connectivity has transformed automotive infotainment and brought cloud-based features such as streaming music, local search, social media and more to dashboards – raising the expectations of car buyers who are used to the same kinds of services on their computers and mobile devices. How are automakers and suppliers keeping drivers content and connected without causing distraction and frustration, and what does the future hold? This panel of infotainment experts provides answers.

  • Katie McCall, Vice President of Global Public Relations, Avis Budget Group
  • Dietmar Meister, Director, Bosch Car Multimedia in Silicon Valley
  • HP Jin, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Telenav
  • Alex Mangan, Director of Product Marketing, HERE Technologies
  • Doug Newcomb, President and Co-Founder, C3 Group (moderator)

Special Presentation: Autonomous Vehicle Education Key to Consumer Adoption

  • Akshay Anand, Executive Analyst, Kelley Blue Book

Panel Discussion: The Silicon Valley and Detroit Symbiosis

Automakers and tier-1 suppliers have established a robust presence in Silicon Valley via research facilities that tap into the tech expertise and talent in the region. But it works both ways: Waymo, Nvidia and other Valley-based technology companies have set up shop in the Detroit area to take advantage of the Motor City’s unparalleled automotive manufacturing and engineering prowess. Representatives from both areas and industries discuss why cooperation rather than competition between the two is essential.

  • Akshay Anand, Executive Analyst, Kelley Blue Book
  • Jan-Philipp Gehrmann, Director, Head of Automotive Sales & Marketing Silicon Valley, NXP Semiconductors
  • Ian Simmons, Vice President Business Development, Corporate Engineering and R&D, Magna
  • John Suh, VP and Founding Director, Hyundai CRADLE
  • Manuela Papadopol, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Sansea Consulting (moderator)

Networking Break – Sponsored by Pioneer Electronics

Panel Discussion: Controlling the Curb in Smart Mobility

New mobility options such as ride-sharing and car-sharing – and soon autonomous vehicles – and the growing demand for home delivery services are competing in cities for curb space with traditional public transit and parking. As this limited roadside real estate gets scarcer and grows in value, how will cities manage and even monetize curb space in a way that not only accommodates all forms of mobility but also meets the needs of a diverse population of residents?

  • Steve Banfield, CEO, BMW Reach Now
  • Danielle Harris, Senior Transportation Planner, San Francisco MTA Office of Innovation
  • Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications and Public Policy, Zipcar
  • Maureen Murphy, Head of Marketing, Chariot
  • Karolina Chachulska, Practice Leader, Infoedge/Co-Creator, a Ride_ (moderator)

Panel Discussion: Teaching Self-Driving Cars the Rules of the Road

It’s currently impossible to program automated vehicles (AVs) to deal with every conceivable scenario they may encounter on the road – and those that experienced drivers naturally know how to handle. But innovators are leveraging cutting-edge technologies from mapping to data to AI to teach AVs all the various and nuanced rules of the road, and even consider ethics issues. Hear from experts in the space on how untapped technologies can get us closer to fully autonomous driving.

  • Avery Ash, Autonomous Vehicle Lead, INRIX
  • Nuri Golan, Director of Vehicle Positioning, EXO Technologies/Lear
  • Brian Radloff, VP Business Development & Sales, Ushr
  • Wolfgang Juchmann, VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, AutonomouStuff
  • Henry Bzeih, Chief Technology Officer and SVP, Automotive Division, Flex
  • Lissa Franklin, Board of Directors, Women in Automotive Technology (moderator)

Closing Remarks: John Sousanis, Managing Director, Wards Intelligence

Closing Reception