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An Evolving Ecosystem: China’s Autonomous Vehicle Roadmap

Where China stands in the AV technology race, how government is driving development and deployment and the path to monetization for automakers and suppliers.

Despite the current sales slump, China remains the world’s largest traditional light-vehicle market. It is also forecast to be the world’s largest market for autonomous vehicles. Yet reports say China lags the U.S. significantly in the development of autonomous-vehicle technology. Is that true?  How far along is China in its development of AV capabilities? Do Chinese firms have the technology to accomplish full autonomy or will they need to rely on foreign firms’ technology as well? What is China’s vision for different levels of autonomy, and how does it differ from the U.S. and Europe?

This report looks at the key characteristics of the AV market in China and automakers’ game plan for deployment, including strategies to monetize AV tech on the way to Level 4. It contains a forecast for the market in China, an insightful survey of industry insiders, a Wards Intelligence scorecard on which automakers and suppliers are leading in the AV race and Q&As with high-ranking executives at several of the key players.

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