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TIPPING POINT: Batteries, BEVs and the Decade Ahead

An examination of the electric-vehicle market in the 2020s, the state of battery technology and the supply chain needed to support it.

This report looks at what’s now and next in battery technology, supplier plans for increasing capacity, the global market outlook for BEVs and what is likely to drive demand and the commitment each of the major automakers is making to the BEV market.


  • How are key global automakers approaching the BEV market?
  • Which automakers are planning to launch the most new BEVs over the next 10 years?
  • Which automakers will dominate sales through 2030?
  • Which battery suppliers are best positioned today, and which others are worth watching?
  • What’s the state of BEV battery technology and what’s coming next?
  • What policies are driving the BEV market?


  • OEM market analysts and product planners
  • Battery manufacturers
  • BEV component suppliers
  • BEV engineers and product developers


  • Enhance your understanding of the competitive landscape in BEV sector.
  • Become better informed about the present state and future path of BEV battery technology.
  • Have a more complete picture of global battery capacity through the middle of the decade.
  • Identify the best market opportunities and potential areas of investment.
  • Gain a clearer picture of regulations and incentives in key markets.

Batteries, BEVs and the Decade Ahead report

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