A Comprehensive “State of the Industry” for Connected Car Services

Wards Intelligence presents a suite of four important reports on trends, challenges and opportunities in connected car consumer services.  Produced by Informa TMT Intelligence brand Ovum, the collected reports provide a detailed picture of the connected car consumer services market, a deep understanding of the major players, currents services and consumer trends in the market, and a view of opportunities for your business moving forward.

Supported by thorough text and data charts illustrating key findings, the suite consists of four distinct reports on the Connected Car Consumer Services market, outlined further below:

  • Key Trends and Enablers
  • Key Players
  • Data Monetization
  • Aftermarket Opportunities

The consolidated report is available now for immediate download.


Connected Car Consumer Services: Key Trends and Enablers
Service developments, challenges, and the opportunities ahead

  • Connected cars are evolving into software platforms capable of supporting a growing range of consumer digital services and commerce, driven by complex, rapidly advancing technology enablers both inside and outside of vehicles.
  • Although the opportunities this presents are creating excitement, many connected services are still at an early stage and some will not reach their full potential until vehicles are fully automated.
  • Holistic view of market developments, helping service providers assess the opportunities and challenges ahead.
  • How key consumer-oriented connected car services will develop and the role of enabling technologies in their development.


Connected Car Consumer Services: Data Monetization
Monetization scenarios, opportunities, and challenges

  • There is no doubt that connected cars will cause exponential growth in user data. What is less certain is how best to monetize this data. The good news is that there are multiple monetization scenarios to explore, for both direct and indirect revenues.
  • But before the benefits of monetizing connected car data can be fully realized, certain issues need to be addressed, including the need for data privacy safeguards, greater collaboration between players, and standardization.
  • Report identifies the opportunities for connected car data monetization and the key challenges ahead.

Connected Car Consumer Services: Key Players
Positioning of and prospects for selected types of player

  • Connectivity, whether embedded or via smartphones, is turning vehicles into an increasingly sophisticated platform for digital services and commerce.
  • This is creating new opportunities for auto industry players and companies from adjacent industries, leading to disruption, innovation, and new ecosystem dynamics.
  • Examination of the connected car ecosystem, the forces at work therein, and the prospects for key players involved.


Opportunities in the Global Connected Car Aftermarket
Aftermarket products will find niche opportunities until embedded connectivity takes over

  • While the connected car is growing more popular among consumers, the pool of older and unconnected vehicles remains a key source of potential revenue for auto OEMs, network operators, and other stakeholders.
  • To address this segment, a number of communications service providers, automotive OEMs, insurance providers, and fleet management companies are offering so-called aftermarket connected services.
  • These are generally being provided via a device that plugs into a car’s onboard diagnostic (OBD-II) port and pairs with a smartphone or other connected device to provide telematics and diagnostic data.
  • Analysis of current market status for connected car aftermarket services, major players, and applications and the opportunities for communications service providers and others to address this market.