March 5, 2020
The Townsend Hotel – Birmingham, MI


Interactive sessions with Wards Intelligence analysts and WardsAuto editors; insights and analysis covering topics that matter to the future of your business, trend analysis of OEM strategies, new technologies, market outlooks and more. Extended Q&A Session lets you pick our industry experts’ brains on issue important to your company. LEARN MORE


April 2, 2020
The Townsend Hotel – Birmingham, MI


A full-day event for professionals inside and outside the automotive industry to explore how artificial intelligence is changing how cars are designed, built and utilized. This event will feature presentations from Wards analysts, technology providers and industry observers with unique perspectives on how A.I. will transform the industry. LEARN MORE


Silicon Valley, CA


Explore cutting-edge transportation solutions: the immense opportunities and significant challenges that smart mobility poses. This event gathers stakeholders from automakers’ Silicon Valley labs, the top tech firms, venture capitalists, the research community, policymakers and media for collective brainstorming. LEARN MORE