April 2, 2020  |  The Townsend Hotel  |  Birmingham, MI






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Getting Realistic about
AI and Autonomy

How AI will Transform the Industry

AI and Autonomy continue to be gamechangers in the automotive world, but as experience and testing grows, expectations of what they can do – and when they can do it – are changing.

AI applications are expanding while the outlook for autonomous vehicles is being recalibrated on many fronts. This conference will provide the latest updates on these emerging technologies and their enablers.

Topics to be covered include:


  • AI Approaches to Deploying Self-Driving Technology
    • The focus is narrowing to SAE Levels 2-plus to 4. What are realistic targets and goals?
  • Detecting Pedestrians and Interpreting their Intentions
    • These are among the biggest challenges for AVs, but they are riddles AI Can Solve. The latest sensing and AI enablers will be discussed.
  • The Crucial Role of Cabin Monitoring
    • Knowing what occupants are doing and exactly how they are positioned is crucial to every aspect of future driving.
  • The Outlook for AI in Automotive and its Connected Universe
    • Some predict the global market for AI applications will reach $120 billion by mid-decade, a twelvefold increase compared with 2018. Speakers will explain how these targets can be reached, where AI will be having the biggest impact and how consumer trust can be earned.
  • ‘Future Proofing’ New Vehicles
    • The connected, 5G future has many promises that come with big demands: capability to process terabytes of data per hour, over-the-air updates and near-zero latency among them. How the latest electronic vehicle architectures are answering the call.
  • Managing and Processing Data Faster
    • Updates on latest AI chip technology and domain controllers.
  • The Latest AI Enablers for UX and Infotainment
    • Voice commands, facial recognition technology and gesture control advancements may not totally replace buttons and knobs, but they are advancing rapidly and promising to make every mile traveled a great user experience. Can they really do it?

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WHAT: A full-day event for professionals inside and outside the automotive industry to explore how artificial intelligence is changing how cars are designed, built and utilized. This event will feature presentations from Wards analysts, technology providers and industry observers with unique perspectives on how A.I. will transform the industry.


WHO: Wards Intelligence is a leading provider of data, forecasts, analysis and consulting to the automotive industry. Wards Intelligence FOCUS events combine insights from Wards Intelligence analysts with presentations from industry experts from OEMs, suppliers, technology and industry observers.


WHERE: The business briefing format, in Birmingham’s Townsend Hotel, provides an intimate, professional setting conducive to discussion and high-level networking. The full-day event is complemented by breakfast, lunch, and several networking opportunities.


WHEN: April 2, 2020


AUDIENCE: 100-120 professionals from OEMs and suppliers, and from the financial community, primarily focused on strategy, competitive intelligence and product planning, focused on artificial intelligence and autonomy.