April 29-30, 2020 |  Webinar Series

2020 Wards Intelligence FOCUS: AI Conference Agenda

WEBINAR 1: The Outlook for AI and Autonomy in a Changing World (90 minutes)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 | 11 am EST

Outlook and Latest Wards Intelligence Survey Results
A much-cited forecast by Tractica predicts the global market for AI applications will reach $120 billion by mid-decade, a twelvefold increase compared with 2018. Where and how will AI be used? In what systems will AI have the biggest impact in 5 and 10 years? How should AI-equipped automated vehicles be tested? Where in the automotive product development/R&D realm will AI expertise reside? These and a dozen other questions will be discussed and compared with a similar study Wards did three years ago.

• James Amend, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence

WEBINAR PANEL DISCUSSION: AI Approaches to Deploying Self-Driving Technology
The focus seems to be narrowing to SAE Levels 2-plus to 4. Will the impact of COVID-19 increase or decrease demand for AVs? What are realistic targets and goals?

• Noel Marshall, Engineering Director, Schaeffler Paravan
• Dan Williams, Director-Engineering, ADAS and Autonomy, ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology
• Ronald Grosse, Executive Vice President, Bertrandt US, Inc.
• Dave Zoia, Director of Research, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

WEBINAR 2: Future Proofing and 5G (90 minutes)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 | 2 pm EST

How General Motors is Future Proofing New Vehicles
The connected, 5G future has many promises that come with big demands: capability to process terabytes of data per hour, over-the-air updates and near-zero latency among them. General Motors explains how its latest electronic vehicle architecture is answering the call.

• Gary Bandurski, Executive Director-Global Electronic Components and Subsystems, General Motors
• James Amend, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

5G and V2X: Separating the Hype from Reality
5G and V2X technologies promise to be key enablers in the development of autonomous vehicles, but where does the hype end and reality begin?

• Steve Bell, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence
• Drew Winter, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

WEBINAR 3: Saving Lives with Better Sensing and Machine Learning (90 minutes)

Thursday, April 30, 2020 | 11 am EST

Detecting Pedestrians, Interpreting their Intentions and Saving Lives
Interpreting the intentions of pedestrians is among the biggest challenges for AVs, but it is a riddle AI and new types of sensors can solve. ADASKY is a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree that uses thermal imaging cameras and AI to thwart edge-cases such as heavy rain and blinding sunlight. INTVO uses image processing, behavioral modeling, vision predictors and risk assessment algorithms to create an alert system that reduces chances of colliding with pedestrians.

• Yakov Shaharabani CEO, ADASKY
• Assam Alzookery, Founder & CEO, INTVO
• Drew Winter, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

Strategies for Managing and Validating Data Faster
Foretellix is a software company offering a validation technology for autonomous vehicle safety. Derived from the semiconductor sector, it creates a metrics-based report card that allows AV technology to be evaluated quickly and consistently over thousands of varying driving scenarios.

• Ziv Binyamini, Co-Founder and CEO, Foretellix
• Dave Zoia, Director of Research, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

WEBINAR 4: Integrating AI with Cabin Monitoring and UX (90 minutes)

Thursday, April 30, 2020 | 2 pm EST

The Crucial Role of Cabin Monitoring
Knowing what occupants are doing and exactly how they are positioned is crucial to every aspect of future driving.

• Brian Brackenbury, Director, Product Engineering – Connectivity & Advanced Sensing, Gentex Corporation
• Jason Lisseman, Global Productline Lead, Integrated Safety Systems, Joyson Safety Systems
• Drew Winter, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

The Latest AI Enablers for UX and Infotainment
Voice commands, facial recognition technology and gesture control advancements may not totally replace buttons and knobs, but they are advancing rapidly and promising to make every mile traveled a great user experience. Can they really do it?

• Rashmi Rao, Sr. Director, Early Pursuits and Product Development, HARMAN
• Duygu Kanver, User Experience Researcher, Cerence
• Drew Winter, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)