November 18-20, 2020 | Virtual Event

Wards Intelligence FOCUS: Electrification 2020

Day 1: November 18th 2020 | Industry Keynotes – FOCUS: Future of Electrification 
Day 2: November 19th 2020 | FOCUS: Technology 
Day 3: November 20th 2020 | FOCUS: Strategy

On Demand Content

Presentation: An Overview of the 10 Leading EV Motors  

An overview of the 10 leading EV motors, based on Munro’s comprehensive side-by-side comparison report focused on helping automakers and suppliers effectively expand and compete in new EV markets.  

Sandy Munro, CEO, Munro & Associates 

Presentation: A Survey of the Safety of Aged Li-ion Batteries 

High voltage and energy density have increased the use of Li-ion batteries in many applications, including electric vehicles and grid-tied energy storage systems. However, with increasing energy density and installation size come heightened concerns about safety, including the risk of thermal runaway and serious fires. To understand the risks and outcomes of Li-ion battery failure, numerous studies have examined the response of fresh cells to mechanical, electrical, and thermal abuse. However, given their expected lifetime, it is critical to consider the abuse response of aged cells. This presentation describes how aging conditions and abuse method impact key metrics of safety relative to fresh cells. 

Yuliya Preger, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories 

E-Machines: Powering the Automotive Future