November 18-20, 2020 | Hybrid Event

2019 Wards Intelligence FOCUS: Electrification Conference Agenda

8:30 am

Breakfast – Sponsored by Faurecia

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks

9:05 am

The Hybrid Bridge: Electrified Vehicle Forecast and Trends
Hybrids are building a bridge to a fully electrified future, but what does that bridge look like? LMC Automotive forecasts future sales of BEVs and mild and strong hybrids.

  • Kevin Riddell – Senior Manager, Powertrain Forecasting, LMC Automotive

9:45 am

Pushing the Limits: Hybrid Systems and Technologies Continue to Evolve
EVs have been getting all the headlines lately but A LOT is going on with hybridization. Participants will discuss the latest gamechangers.

  • Stefan Sommer – Director, Technical Account Management, ZF Group
  • Geoffrey L. Duff – Director of Application Engineering, Garrett
  • Beyza Sarioglu – Head of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Continental North America
  • James Amend – Senior Editor, WardsAuto (Moderator)

10:45 am

Environmental Challenges & Solutions in a Growing EV Market
Electrified vehicles provide environmental benefits in reduced tailpipe emissions, but the impact of upstream emissions and battery production and waste will pose new challenges. How will OEMs and suppliers need to adapt to more extensive and intensive regulations?

  • Erin Sunde – Industry Analyst, Fuel Economy, Wards Intelligence

11:30 am

Networking Break – Sponsored by Schaeffler

11:45 am

Making EV Charging a Great User Experience
Creating a charging infrastructure is crucial, but if EVs are to succeed, charging must be a good user experience. It must be fast, accessible, affordable and safe from hackers. What is the industry doing to ensure this happens?

  • Kelsey Peterson – Manager, EV Strategy & Programs, DTE
  • Marc Lepage – President, Wattpark
  • Antoine Gratien – Gulplug
  • Drew Winter – Content Director, WardsAuto (Moderator)

12:30 pm

Lunch – Sponsored by ZF

1:30 pm

Extending EV Range: New Solutions
There are other ways to extend electric vehicle range besides new battery chemistries and technologies. Participants will discuss a variety of new strategies and solutions.

  • Kevin Mull – Director of Sales, Connected Mobility Solutions Division, Bosch
  • Dan Ouwenga – Advanced Technology Manager, Eaton eMobility Solutions
  • Andrew Pontius – Vice President, Light-Vehicle Product Lines, NA, Faurecia
  • Dave Zoia – Director, Research, Wards Intelligence (Moderator)

2:30 pm

Faster, Better, Sexier: How the Industry Benefits from EV Racing Programs
In the ICE’s golden era it was “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday.” Formula E is in its sixth season and a new Extreme E off-road race is coming in 2021. How does the industry benefit from E racing, will it help sell EVs in the future? And how does it help suppliers?

  • Jeff Hemphill – Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Schaeffler Group NA
  • Mark Rotary – Head of Race Engineering North America, ZF
  • Bob Gritzinger – Industry Analyst, Propulsion & Technology, Wards Intelligence

3:15 pm

Closing Remarks and Networking