Production and
Sales Forecast Data

WardsAuto provides our global and regional forecasts of vehicle, powertrain and drivetrain volumes.

Trusted by automakers, all tiers of suppliers, and financial analysts around the world, our forecasting services provide:

MONTHLY updates to all elements

DATA in Excel spreadsheets and easy-to-use online databases for customized output

INSIGHTS and support from our experienced analysts

POWERFUL query and modeling tools


North America Vehicle Sales & Powertrain Forecasts

WardsAuto analyzes demand and provide sales and powertrain forecasts for the US, Canada and Mexico with:

VEHICLE SALES by country, company, brand, market segmentation, source and model line

POWERTRAIN by model line, package type, engine attributes, and transmission elements

MONTHLY model line and quarterly powertrain updates

DATA DELIVERY in Excel spreadsheet format via email


Global Vehicle Production, Powertrain & Drivetrain Forecasts

In conjunction with our forecast partners, AutoForecast Solutions (AFS), WardsAuto delivers a monthly updated forecast that includes:

VEHICLE PRODUCTION by manufacturer, brand, brand owner, market segmentation, platform, program code, plant, SOP/EOP, and model line

POWERTRAIN by model line, package type, engine attributes, and transmission elements

DRIVETRAIN detail by model line with 4WD, AWD, AWD E, FWD and RWD volumes

PRODUCT CYCLE PLANS – SOP/EOP detail on all model lines
Weekly guidance reports – updates on plant activity and latest intelligence on product plans

POWERFUL QUERY TOOL and report generator for customized outputs in Excel


Additional Business Intelligence Solutions

With subscription to the WardsAuto production forecasts, add these AutoForecast Solution services to further understand and integrate the forecasts into your operations:

SCENARIO – create custom light vehicle and powertrain forecasts, test different scenarios, and adjust at any level from the total market down to the nameplate level

PORTFOLIO – analyze your company market share and competitive positioning by product, vehicle, customer, and competitor to maintain an accurate and consistent global competitive view

PLANNING – fully integrate your revenue planning to track and analyze sales, customers, products, and more on a detailed monthly part number level basis for accurate and timely planning, analysis and opportunity identification