A Wards Intelligence report that examines utilization of commercial vehicles by many factors: fleet size, age, brand and much more

Introducing the first-of-its-kind commercial vehicle utilization report identifying the 28.5 million trucks still on the road today and how they are being used across a spectrum of industries, geographies and applications.  Sources for truck and trailer sales are plentiful, but an accurate accounting of utilization by fleet size and location, by gross vehicle weight class, by age and by brand has never existed.  Until now.

The Wards Commercial Vehicle Brand Utilization Report provides analysis of the latest available data to spot risks and opportunities and help guide your business strategy and investment.  This new resource provides detailed business intelligence on who buys and operates commercial vehicles, for which industries and in which regions.

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The report considers commercial vehicle utilization across:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings
  • Fleet Type
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Equipment Age
  • Brand

Detailed profile of current U.S. truck population highlighting the broad spectrum of CV operations:

  • Different uses
  • Requirements
  • Expectations

Further, the report:

  • Identifies 28.5 million CVs in U.S. by size, use, industry, age and brand
  • Compares CV totals by state populations
  • Quantifies brand presence in the U.S. CV market by GVW groups and average age
  • Provides detailed charts and graphs to illustrate analysis of proprietary data

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IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND TRUCKING, the first thing you need to know is that it isn’t really an industry; it’s a collection of widely diverse businesses that happen to use commercial vehicles to conduct or support their main activities. It’s possible and often common to divide trucking into two broad categories — for-hire and private. But even that distinction obscures fundamental differences between the uses, requirements and expectations found in the broad spectrum of commercial vehicle operations.

FOR-HIRE CARRIERS, the typical truck-operating business that most people think of when you mention trucking, really have only one common denominator — they all carry freight for payment. Beyond that, there are many variations of how the freight is moved and what these businesses see as their value propositions.

AND THE PRIVATE SEGMENT, which actually owns the majority of commercial vehicles in the U.S., must be splintered into many subcategories if you want to understand how they acquire, deploy and generally invest in their trucks.

Acknowledging that complexity, this report draws on a mix of public and proprietary data to create an up-to-date portrait of the U.S. truck market from the users’ perspective, what brands they own, what size trucks they operate, what industries they serve with those trucks, how long they extract value from their sizable capital investments, and where all those trucks are located.

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