March 9, 2019 | Empire Garage | Austin, TX


1:00 – 2:00 pm – VIP and Media Lunch and Preview Featuring Austin’s World-Famous Stubbs’ BBQ

1:45 pm – Preregistered Access Opens

2:00 pm – Welcome Remarks, Austin Mayor Steven Adler

2:05 – 2:45 pm – Panel Discussion: Companies and Cities Teaming on Future Mobility

If all politics are local, so are mobility solutions. At a time when city streets (and sidewalks) are being transformed by new forms of shared mobility, city governments and particularly mayors are leading the way in showing how technology-driven transportation options can be harnessed to make urban travel more efficient for people and municipalities and healthier for the environment.

  • Kirsten Korosec, Senior Reporter, TechCrunch (moderator)
  • Steven Adler, Mayor, City of Austin
  • Brett Wheatley, Vice President of Mobility Marketing & Growth, Ford Motor Company
  • Carlos Cruz-Casas, Assistant Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami-Dade County
  • Ben Bear, Chief Business Officer, Spin

2:45 – 3:00 pm – Special Presentation: Preparing for the Future of Transportation – Automated Vehicles 3.0

  • Finch Fulton, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, USDOT

3:00 – 3:40 pm – Panel Discussion: How Robo-Taxis Will Revolutionize Urban Transport

There may be a debate over when fully self-driving cars will be ready for drivetime in cities but with Google, GM and others already testing robo-taxis on public roads, there’s little doubt that autonomous vehicles eventually will be common on city streets – and will change transportation in urban areas as we know it.

  • John Sousanis, Managing Director, Wards Intelligence (moderator)
  • Finch Fulton, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, USDOT
  • Dr. Ipek Sener, Associate Research Scientist, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Manuela Papadopol, CEO, Designated Driver
  • Ted Trepanier, Director of Public Sector, INRIX

3:40 – 3:55 – Special Presentation: Mobility as a Human Right

  • Alex Roy, Director of Special Operations, Argo AI/Editor-at-Large, The Drive

3:55 – 4:35 – Panel Discussion: The Next Internet – Building a Mobility Platform

Whether Microsoft in the ‘80s or Facebook in the 2000s, for every major shift in technology, platforms have enabled both creativity and commerce and allowed multiple stakeholders to participate. Several companies are at work forming the digital infrastructure for a new era of mobility to deliver seamless services for business and consumers. Who will be the Google or Amazon of mobility?

  • Doug Newcomb, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobility, Wards Intelligence (moderator)
  • Dr. Powell Kinney, Chief Product Owner, Mobility Services Platform, Toyota Connected
  • Raj Amin, Managing Director, Mobility Ventures, Avis Budget Group
  • Mitch Dornich, Vice President of Product, SiriusXM Connected Vehicle
  • Sunny Madra, Vice President, Ford X

4:35 – 4:50 – Special Presentation: The Intersection of Old and New Mobility – For Kids’ Sake

  • Natalie Draisin, Director, North American Office and United Nations Representative at FIA Foundation

4:50– 5:30 pm – Panel Discussion: Cities to Mobility Providers: Curb Your Enthusiasm

As new mobility options such as ride- and car-sharing and eventually autonomous vehicles compete for curb space along with traditional public transit and car parking, this limited roadside real estate will only grow in value. How will cities manage and monetize curb space that not only accommodates all forms of mobility but also meets the needs of a diverse population?

  • Pete Bigelow, Senior Reporter, Transportation and Technology, Automotive News (moderator)
  • Rob Spillar, Director of Transportation, City of Austin
  • Regina Clewlow, CEO and Co-founder, Populus
  • Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications and Public Policy, Zipcar
  • Sara Rafalson, Director, Market Development, EVgo

5:30 pm – Closing Remarks, Doug Newcomb, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobility, Wards Intelligence

5:30 – 6:30 pm – Closing Reception Featuring Austin’s World-Famous Stubbs’ BBQ

8:00 – 11:00 pm – Evening Concert with Special Musical Guests