June 10, 2020  |  Webinar Event


Wednesday, June 10  |  10 am ET (90 minutes)

State of the Industry: Fuel Economy in the U.S. 
Presented by Erin Sunde, Industry Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Following a long review period, the EPA announced its Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles final rule that will weaken fuel-economy standards for 2021-2026. Erin Sunde will explore industry trends through 2019 and look at how the new regulations may change the market.


E-Machines: Powering the Automotive Future 
Presented by Bob Gritzinger, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Batteries and charging infrastructure are the main focus for automakers striving for an electrified future, but the motors and ancillary systems that make up battery-electric and hybrid powertrains also play important roles. Bob will examine the cutting edge of e-motor technology and how myriad suppliers are working to meet the growing electrification demands of the automotive market.

Wednesday, June 10  |  2 pm ET (90 minutes)

Reevaluating the Value of Premium Lightweight Materials in EVs 
Presented by Drew Winter, Senior Analyst, Wards Intelligence 

The industry is gearing up to address global emissions rules with an unprecedented number of battery electric vehicles. As the cost of EV batteries and kilowatt hours decreases, the use of costly lightweight materials may become a less important factor in extending vehicle range. Drew will explain the history of lightweighting and how it fits in with today’s future-product plans, as well as reveal the results of a recent Wards Intelligence/AISI survey examining OEM and supplier attitudes on this topic.


Second-Half 2020 North America Barometer
Presented by Haig Stoddard, Senior Industry Analyst, Markets, Wards Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a nearly complete shutdown of all automotive manufacturing in April and vehicle sales have plummeted to decades-long lows. The industry is gauging how well it can ramp production back up, including trying to get a handle on what demand will look like assuming restrictions continue to gradually ease over the rest of the year. Haig Stoddard will present an overview of Wards Intelligence and partner LMC Automotive’s expectations for the final two quarters of 2020.