Informa Tech Automotive Group
Wards Intelligence


Wednesday, September 16  |  10 am ET (90 minutes)

Tipping Point: Batteries, BEVs and the Decade Ahead
Presented by Roger Schreffler, Contributing Analyst, Wards Intelligence

How are key global automakers approaching the BEV market? Which automakers are planning to launch the most new BEVs over the next 10 years? Wards Intelligence contributing analyst Roger Schreffler will look at what’s now and next in battery technology, supplier plans for increasing capacity, the global market outlook for BEVs and what is likely to drive demand and the commitment each of the major automakers is making to the BEV market. 


Smart Cities: Leading the Way in Mobility
Presented by Doug Newcomb, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Wards Intelligence

What policy and technology solutions are unique to city- centered mobility projects? Wards Intelligence Senior Analyst Doug Newcomb will present findings from comprehensive case studies of private-public partnerships between cities and mobility providers and delves into the details of each project: how they’re planned and operated, who is involved, essential elements for deployment and more.   

Wednesday, September 16  |  2 pm ET (90 minutes)

Wards Intelligence Barometer: The North American Outlook for Q4-2020/Q1-2021
Presented by Haig Stoddard, Senior Industry Analyst, Markets, Wards Intelligence

Wards Intelligence Senior Analyst Haig Stoddard will assess the short-term outlook for North America production and demand as the automotive industry continues to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Analyst Roundtable: Challenges, Opportunities in Electrification
What are the hurdles ahead for battery-electric vehicles and what are the technology requirements needed to overcome them? Our team of analysts will discuss at likely near- and mid-term paths for BEV development and sales growth.

  • Dave Zoia, Director of Research (Moderator)
  • Haig Stoddard, Senior Industry Analyst, Markets
  • Doug Newcomb, Industry Analyst, Mobility
  • Roger Schreffler, Contributing Analyst
  • Christie Schweinsberg, Senior Analyst, Technology and Electrification
  • Erin Sunde, Industry Analyst, Fuel Economy
  • Bob Gritzinger, Industry Analyst, Powertrain